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About Us

Caplan is a globally-recognized management consulting firm with a focus on manufacturing and supply chain systems.

We serve a broad group of clients in need of a trustworthy partner who can simplify complex situations and provide objective recommendations – actions that work to achieve their financial goals and keep their best interests at heart.

Our work requires a broad range of experiences and perspectives. We are constantly seeking people with diverse backgrounds in architecture, business, design, engineering, information systems and marketing.

We leverage diversity via three key elements that define both Caplan’s culture as well as our approach to projects:


We are diligent – in personality, in process and in mindset. We conduct ourselves with a purpose and dedication to exceptional-quality work.


We are flexible and quickly able to adapt to new scenarios, eager to improve. We are thrilled by the pursuit of a not-yet-discovered solution.


We are constantly looking for that unique perspective on our client’s operations. We pride ourselves in our ability to boil everything down to “essential truths” and to express those insights in a way our clients can appreciate and upon which they can act.